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Mommy Care Kits- Covered by most insurance companies

Mommy Care Kit

Military Mommy?  Covered by Tricare.

Are you an expecting mom or a new mom that just delivered your baby?

We care about your experience with us and at home. We are now offering this Mommy Care Kit to help you look and feel your very best during and after pregnancy, Without taking any medications!

Our Total Pregnancy Kit offers pregnant women a Safe and Non-Addictive alternative to treating & preventing blood clots with leg massagers and compression socks. Helps with the aches, pains and stretch marks of your expanding belly with a supportive belly band and back support. In addition, the kit includes a TENS unit for drug free pain relief.

Its safe for both you and your baby and is covered by most private health insurance plans. 



  Pregnancy Mommy Care Kit     BENEFITS:

  • Provides support for low back pain due to pregnancy Stabilize areas of weakness.
  • Aides in Prevention of post surgery Blood Clots in Patients.
  • Reduces Muscle Atrophy Caused by Muscle Inactivity.
  • Includes a rigid back brace, a portable DVT Prevention device, and a TENS Unit.

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