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We are certain you’ll love this experience..  It’s less expensive than you would think and every bit as wonderful as you’ve heard.

 In a nutshell,  we want your time with us to be a memorable one,  from the moment you leave your home until the moment you step into our home at A New Conception!

What kind of Ultrasound are you looking for?

Early Peek Ultrasounds 8- 13 Weeks

If you just can’t wait to see your little one and hear your baby’s heartbeat.   In our experience, 12 weeks is a VERY entertaining time to peek in on baby. At 12 weeks, baby can jump, wave it’s arms & dance around! *Receive 10% off on a return visit for any 3D/4D or HDlive Session Find your Package

Gender Reveal Ultrasounds 14.5 - Full Term

We love announcing the gender of your baby but if you do not want to know, we will put your baby's gender inside a surprise box FREE. 2D, 3D/4D & HDlive Gender Ultrasound Packages available. * FREE BabyFlix account with all genders. Watch or share your ultrasound anytime! Find your Package

3D/4D HDlive Ultrasounds- Anytime

Fun and exciting time to see who your baby looks like and get a glimps of their personality. It's amazing the reaction you feel when your baby's face pops up on the screen for the very first time! *Many Packages to Choose From Find your Package

Add Ons & Gifts

Add Ons,  Huggable Heartbeat Bears: (Lg-$30   Sm-$22) Babybump Birthing Balls, Pregnant Belly Mask Kits Special Ultrasound Frames or a Gift Certificate, Great Baby Shower Gift! Learn More

You and your baby deserve the best.  How are we different?

At A New Conception we use a different approach to seeing your unborn baby and enjoying your entire  3D 4D ultrasound & HDlive Ultrasound experience.
First, we book extra time for your Ultrasound Package so no one is ever feeling rushed.
Secondly, If your baby is uncooperative then we have a bit more time to try and get baby to show.  You will be surprised how time flies when you are enjoying time with your baby.
Most noteworthy is, We specialize in early gender determination at 14.5 weeks with a 100% accuracy guarantee!

Appointment Hours: Weekday, evening, Saturday and Sunday appointments available for your convenience 6 days a week by appointment. Our phones are answered 7 days a week.

Evening and Weekend appointments fill up quickly. We encourage you to use our easy online booking system whenever possible.  If you would like to schedule an appointment click any Book Now Icon.  If you are looking for a special date or a time that you do not see listed, please call the studio at 781-878-1230 to see if we can accommodate your request.

Session Pricing

We Absolutely Guarantee that we are the most affordable 3D 4D & HDlive Ultrasound Studio in Mass!  Just call us and we can compare packages. 

We DO Price match and Package match if you do find a cheaper advertised ultrasound package, so you can still have the “experience” you deserve!

A New Conception Ultrasound has imaged over 30,000 beautiful babies since 2010.  A New Conception’s Owner has taught childbirth education classes to over 3,000 pregnant couples since 1995.  As a Doula, the owner has also helped bring hundreds of babies into this world.  Our owner is experienced in many aspects of pregnancy.

 A New Conception Ultrasound has the experience you can trust when it comes to your precious baby. Our ultrasound scanning suite is huge yet has a very comforting atmosphere.  We have comfortable seating for 15 guests. Children are always welcome.  We have 2 special play areas for the children to keep busy. We designed our entire ultrasound studio to accommodate visitors of any age.  We are also handicapped accessible.

We employ Registered and experienced Ultrasound technicians.


We feel our 2D, 3D/4D &  HDlive packages are “budget friendly” and flexible to suit everyone.  We want this special time to be even more so ~~ See your baby for the first time using 3D/ 4D & HDlive ultrasound in a warm, caring, fun, yet professional environment.  Our studio is the largest, family friendly 3D and 4D ultrasound studio in Boston and all of New England!  We are family owned and operated.  Our clients drive from hours away to visit us everyday, now that sure says something!
We are the premier provider just south of the Boston Ma area and serving surrounding towns.


Gender Reveal Ultrasound Packages
About gender reveal ultrasound services

Pink or Blue  2D Gender $69
( Performed 15 weeks to Full Term)
Perfect if you simply want to validate the gender and visualize fetal movement of your baby. Plus clients that come in for this session will get a 10% discount to come back again when baby is more developed for a 3D/4D or HDlive ultrasound session.Available: 15 weeks and up..  See More

Sneak Peek 2D Gender Reveal  $79  
(Performed 14.5 weeks-Full Term)
Perfect if you are simply looking to validate the gender of your baby, watch and listen to your baby’s heartbeat and to visualize fetal movement.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful music in our studio theater while we perform your 2D gender ultrasound. You will leave knowing the gender of your precious baby. OnDemand & Live Internet movie included!  …  See More

3D 4D Sweet Pea Gender Reveal  $115
(Performed 14.5- 21 weeks)
Gender Determination PLUS package: Add HDlive for just $10
 Sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful music in our studio theater while we perform your 3D 4D ultrasound.   Plus clients that come in for this session will get a 10% discount to come back again when baby is more developed for a 3D/4D or HDlive ultrasound session..  See More

3D & 4D Ultrasound Packages

Just the face 3D 4D Ultrasound   $75
(Performed 34 weeks-full term ONLY)
You asked and we listened!
This package was designed for those Mommies who have said… ” I Just want to see my baby’s face”. No discounts can be applied to this special package

10-15 min  3D and 4D Ultrasound focusing on baby’s face
All images saved to CD or USB Flash Drive
OR  2 color 4×6 Color Printed Pictures..  See More

Boston Baby 3D and 4D “Weekday Special” Ultrasound~ Just  $100
Make it a HDlive Ultrasound Session for $10
(Performed 12 weeks – full term)

On a budget but don’t want to miss this experience, schedule for a weekday and save. Available any weekday from 9 am to 4 pm.  Watch your baby smile, yawn or pout in live motion and treasure it with a DVD of pictures and Printed photos!  A Very cool experience! 

15-20  minute 3D and 4D Ultrasound
DVD or USB  of all 3D images we can capture during your scan
(2) or more 3D 4×6 Color Printed Pictures
See More

 South Shore Sweetness HDlive Ultrasound  ~ $125
(suggested 21 weeks to 34 weeks)

20 min 3D and 4D Ultrasound & HDlive Ultrasound
DVD or USB of all images captured during scan
Watch, Listen and get Baby’s Heart Rate.. See More

Tiny Treasure 3D and 4D Ultrasound  $150
Remove the DVD movie for  $140
Make it a HDlive Package for $10
(suggested 21 weeks- full term)
♥ Most popular 3D 4D package as it includes a little bit of everything and priced just right!

15-20  Minutes 3D and 4D Ultrasound
All images saved to CD or on USB Flash Drive  “Included”
DVD movie of  your entire session set to lullaby music “Included”.. See More


HDlive Ultrasound Packages

Hanover Hugs HDlive Ultrasound  $195
(Suggested 21 weeks- Full term) All Inclusive with Heartbeat Bear.
Spend twice the time with our baby and step up the technology!
 Free BabyFlix 

30-45  min 3D 4D & HDlive Ultrasound
All images saved to CD or on USB Flash Drive
DVD movie recording of ENTIRE ultrasound session set to lullaby music..  See More

Whoa Baby!! HDlive Ultrasound, All Inclusive Package!  $255
 (suggested 21 weeks – Full Term)
This package is HUGE and for those distinctive Mommies who want to spoil themselves with an all inclusive 5D HDlive package.
Check out everything that is INCLUDED in this special all HDlive package.  Truly, an Exceptional & Unique Baby Shower gift that Mom & Dad will treasure forever!

45 min 3D and 4D Ultrasound & HDlive Ultrasound
Watch, listen and record your baby’s heartbeat & get baby’s heart rate
Large Heartbeat Bear of your choice included, Many to choose from
Special “Baby Bump” or “Tiny Miracle” Ultrasound Frame
FREE Premium Level Babyflix account .. See More

Curious Mamma & Daddy Return Package  $50
Appointments are scheduled AFTER a qualifying 3D 4D or 5D HDlive package at OUR studio.  Scheduled ANYTIME you want to peek in on your little one.  

10-15 minutes  3D 4D & HDlive Ultrasound
Watch & Listen to Baby’s Heartbeat and get your baby’s heart rate
All images saved to DVD or on a USB Flash Drive .. See More

Expecting Multiples?

We recommend that you visit us  between 22 to 28 weeks. There is a $25  fee for twins and $40 for Triplets.   You must let us know when you book your appointment that you are expecting multiples so that we may allocate extra time for your appointment.

One of our prenatal 3D or 4D ultrasound packages is sure to be a “special baby shower gift” and a big hit for Mommy and Daddy!


Other Services and Add Ons

Heartbeats & Baby Peeks  $48   (Anytime during pregnancy)heartbeat sound modules

Record yours or your baby’s heartbeat and put into a 8″ Huggable Heartbeat Bear of your choice. No discounts or changes may be applied to this package

(2) printed 2D pictures
Watch, listen and get your baby’s heart rate
We do not charge a recording fee during a scheduled ultrasound
10% off any 3D 4D Ultrasound or HDlive Ultrasound


Late Peek Position Check  $40

Great option if you would like to know the position of your baby and hear baby’s heartbeat as you approach your due date. The most preferable position for your baby is the occiput anterior position.  36 weeks and up. .. See More

2D Ultrasound Session
Watch and Listen to baby’s heartbeat. Get baby’s heart rate
(2) Glossy 2D Printed Pictures
Free BabyFlix App to record and save your ultrasound video
Position Check

Hanover 3D 4D Ultrasound Customer Loyalty Discounts

10% off Any Ultrasound Session for A New Conception Ultrasound clients who are returning during current pregnancy or from a previous pregnancy.

$5 off any 3D 4D Ultrasound with a Student ID.

$50 return visits with our Curious Mamma Club

We also honor our Military with a Military Discount and Free extras

  • $10 off 3D 4D or HDlive Packages
    Free copy of Cd or DVD movie
    20% off Any additional Heartbeat Huggable Bear to send to Daddy
    Free Upgraded Level BabyFlix account


Please mention your customer status when you schedule your ultrasound appointment.  Only one discount per customer please.

Free breast pump
We help you get your FREE Insurance covered Breast Pump

Breastfeeding? Want a Free Breast Pump? Let us take care of the daunting paperwork.  We will give you the necessary paperwork and Healthy baby essentials will do the rest!  You will receive your Free Insurance covered breast pump in the mail right around 32 weeks.  It’s that simple.  No need to contact your insurance company, we will do it for you.


 If you have family members who cannot be with you at our studio then bring them on in via

Wifi connection available
Wifi Available

Skype, Face Time or Any social sharing APP.  Sharing your 3D and 4D Ultrasound is very special and oh so thoughtful.   Please arrive early with your laptop, tablet or phone and connect to our WiFi.   We also offer Live Internet Streaming with BabyFlix.  The Babyflix APP will also archive your ultrasound to easily share your baby’s video and pictures and to cherish forever!  No per person fees.  If you have any questions please feel free to call us at 781-878-1230.

Moms  & Dads , now you  have the ability to save your baby’s digital video and photos and relive the experience anytime.  Just think – you’re out with your friends and at your fingertips you can show them everything your baby was doing… smiling, pouting or yawning.  This is a service that we are happy to offer to our families!


We work very hard to maintain an excellent reputation, We are very proud of our reviews!

Why we really are the Best Choice
Voted #1 in Prenatal Ultrasound Service 4 years in a row!

You have a choice when choosing a 3D 4D Ultrasound studio.  Proudly, we have been serving Massachusetts and all of New England for years and have built an amazing reputation.  We are  family owned an operated and truly enjoy what we do. We love being the best 3D 4D and now HDlive Ultrasound studio that people ultimately choose to experience this magical moment with.

 A New Conception was born in 1990 after the birth of my first child. I have been involved with many aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care. When the 3D and 4D ultrasound technology became available, I then expanded and opened into a prenatal ultrasound studio.  We are much more than a new center for pregnancy, we have been involved with the precious miracle of pregnancy and birth for more than 25 years!  


Our Location
A New Conception 3D Ultrasound Studio
1112 Washington Street  Lower level on left 
Hanover, Ma  781-878-1230



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