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Huggable Heartbeat Bears

Small $22 and Large $30

We have the largest selection of baby heartbeat bears and Mommy's heartbeat bears available at our studio in Hanover! 

We are always adding new Huggable Heartbeat plushes, and our selection changes monthly.  If you are interested in a particular plush, please call ahead and we will set it aside. It’s okay if you change your mind and pick a different plush too!

We carry over 40 styles of plush heartbeat bears.  Below are a small example of the plush bears we have available in our studio

blue elephant stuffed animal flamingo heartbeat bear


8" and 16" plush heartbeat bears8" pig heartbeat huggableplush heartbeat bearbunny heartbeat bear

pillow pet heartbeat bearmonkey heartbeat bear



hedgehog heartbeat bearsloth heartbeat bear

Orca heartbeat bearTurtle plushdolphin plush beargreen turtle plush bear

Camo heartbeat bearpink camo bear

dinosaur heartbeat beardino heartbeat bears

pug heartbeat bearblack lab dog heartbeat bearheartbeat bearsduck heartbeat bear


lion bearalligator heartbeat bear

Ow; heartbeat bear moose heartbeat bearbrown patch heartbeat bearteddy bear mountain heartbeat beargiraffe heartbeat bearteddy bear mountainpink bunny bearsfurry brown heartbeat bears