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 UPDATED WEEKLY: Sept. 22nd, 2021 

We are HAPPY to announce that Mommy may bring 6 additional guests, including children to enjoy her ultrasound experience at our studio!!  All guests, including children, must be able to maintain social distancing from our ultrasound tech.  Young children who are unable to maintain social distancing must remain seated with an adult.

 All members of the party MUST arrive together (at the same time) as we only have the time to check in one group at a time.  We require this extra time to sanitize the studio for the next family.  

Clients, staff and visitors to our studio are required to wear a face covering.  Thank you for understanding!

 A $10 fee will be added to all ultrasound visits to cover the enormous costs of operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This fee will be in place until the CDC and FDA announce a change in service business signage, sterilization and PPE practices.  Thank you for your continued cooperation 

 If ANY of these steps are not strictly adhered to, we have the right to refuse service and you will be charged for your ultrasound appointment in full.



When you arrive, TEXT us at 617-838-4120 or CALL 781-878-1230 and let us know that you have arrived.  
A. Enter the lobby, to your left, take a clipboard and fill out the paperwork in your car.  Have your proof of prenatal care ready at check in.
B. We will text or call you when we are ready for you to enter the studio.  

* Free Live internet streaming is available. Face time is also allowed for those who cannot join you at the studio.

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We are working very hard to protect the health of our staff, our clients and the public, If any of these steps are not strictly adhered to, we have the right to refuse service to you and you will be charged for your ultrasound appointment in full. 

Why are we strict with our COVID guidelines?

CDC.gov website
: Based on what we know at this time, pregnant people are at an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19 compared to non-pregnant people. Additionally, there might be an increased risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as preterm birth and low birth weight among pregnant people with COVID-19 


A New Conception has extended the time in between each appointment so that we can maintain social distancing guidelines and disinfect our entire studio in between every family.  We are a service based business and cannot maintain a 6 ft distance while scanning our Mommies, so we MUST be over protective for the safety of everyone, especially your unborn baby.

1. All adults entering our studio will have their temperature taken by a touchless thermometer.
2.Our studio has added more hand sanitizer wall pumps. You will be asked to  sanitize your hands before entering the scanning suite. 
3.. We have added extra fluid barrier pillow coverings on the scanning bed for your safety and have doubled the disposable pillow cases. 
4. A custom leather protective cover has been designed to cover the scanning bed mattress.  This is the best way keep the bed sanitized.  
5. Our coffee and snack station has been removed temporarily.  If you need a snack or drink, please let us know.
6. ALL surfaces  will be sanitized after every family leaves the studio. These include the entrance and stair well railings, door knobs, pens, all the leather furniture in the scanning suite, children's toys and the bathroom, to name a few.
7. We have removed decorative items from the reception area that are frequently touched to make disinfecting after every family quicker, easier and safer.
8. The children's toys are only toys that are easily sanitized. Even the little ones play items are sanitized in between all families.

Please understand that we are required by law to abide by these rules and regulations.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding, Kim, Erica & Tawny

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