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Babyflix APP


We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Babyflix and are now offering our clients a FREE Babyflix app account to memorialize, edit, stream, and share your ultrasound, pregnancy, and newborn pictures!  Babyflix is functional on most popular mobile devices, tablets as well as your PC!  

Send LIVE stream Internet invitations right from our ultrasound studio via text message. No per person fees, this service is FREE with your Babyflix App

Free upgraded membership to all active military!

PLEASE DO NOT SET UP A BABYFLIX ACCOUNT YOURSELF.  WE WILL SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT USING THE E-MAIL ADDRESS THAT YOU PROVIDED TO US. If you set up an account yourself WE WILL NOT be able to access it from our studio. There will be a $1.00 fee if we must set up an additional account using a different e-mail address and cell phone number. 

You will receive this e-mail shown below when your Babyflix account is created.  Follow the directions to set up your own password.


Intro Package: Included with most ultrasound packages

  • Uploads your ultrasound to your own personal account
  •  Live and OnDemand movie
  • Imagery automatically saved to your BabyFlix account
  • Standard Resolution – 600×480
  • 750 megs of online storage
  • Send LIVE Internet invites right from our ultrasound studio via text message


Basic Package Upgrade: $10

  • FREE to all active military families
  • FREE with select packages
  • Ultrasound Live and OnDemand movie
  • Custom-created video from your baby's scan
  • Imagery automatically saved to BabyFlix account
  • High Resolution – 960×540
  • 2 gigs of online storage
  • Send LIVE Internet invites right from our ultrasound studio via text message


Premium Upgraded Package: $15

  • Ultrasound Live Streamed & OnDemand Ultrasound Movie Included
  • Custom-created video from your baby's scan
  • Imagery automatically saved to your BabyFlix account
  • True HD – 1280×720
  • 5 gigs of online storage
  • Send LIVE Internet invites right from our ultrasound studio via text message


Babyflix FAQ

What should I expect from Babyflix when I come home from my ultrasound?

You will get an email in your inbox with your Babyflix account information. Once you login, you will see an edited video of your ultrasound and all of the raw 4D ultrasound video and all of your still 3D baby pictures in your gallery.  

Can I edit together my own video?

Yes! We have a super easy to use wizard-driven editor that will take you step-by-step through creating a professional-looking video or slide show from your raw 4D ultrasound video and your still 3D baby pictures.

Can I incorporate media (video, images, or music) from my desktop?

Yes! You can upload media from your desktop and use that in a keepsake video. You can use Babyflix as a video creation and sharing platform with the video from the birth of your child and taking their first steps!

Is it possible to just share my video with close personal family and friends?

Invite only those you desire to share this experience with, and your intimate moment will be privately shared with those close to you.

If I wanted to share my video with friends on Facebook or Twitter is this possible?

Yes! You can publish to your wall in Facebook, Twitter feed, or many other social networking sites with a few clicks. Publish this wonderful imagery to your blog or embed in your own website!

Can I share my Babyflix presentations on my mobile device by SMS/text?

Yes! Babyflix is perfect for sharing on all devices including your smart phone, tablet, and even your PC. You can easily share to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

Do I have to edit Babyflix videos at A New Conception 3D Ultrasound Studio?

No! Babyflix is a web-based service that is accessed through our state of the art website. All the viewing, editing, and sharing can be done from the comfort of your own home using your PC, or even while mobile using your mobile device.