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Men in Labor Experience~ Just  $60    

Our man-turnity suite  labor pain for men


Perhaps you would like to plan a gift for yourself. Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 10th. 2020

Appointments for the Man In Labor are usually scheduled on evenings and on Sundays.  Since everyone's experience is different, we must allocate enough time for even the "toughest" of men!   

If you are in need of a day time appointment, this can also be arranged by calling our studio at 781-878-1230

Are you ready to share the fun and make some "not to be forgotten" memories?



Military Discounts ~ $10 off any 3D/4D or HD Package

Military Discount

10 extra minutes of scanning time
Free Upgraded Premium Babyflix APP
20% off a second Heartbeat Bear to send to Daddy       
4 Special Edited Video Clips of your Baby
Free Copy of your Baby's DVD Movie (if the package includes a DVD)
Upgraded Babyflix App, share right from your mobile devices or on your PC 


Police & Firefighter Special - 10% Off

Police and firefighter families receive 10% off our Gender Determinations, 3D/4D or HDlive Packages. (Excludes any packages that are ineligible for discount.)
10 extra minutes of scanning time with your baby