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SneakPeek Early Gender DNA Test & Ultrasound Package Specials

Sneak Peek Gender test near me

Now Available at A New Conception 3D Ultrasound  Studio!!

$149 SneakPeek Fast Track - results as early as the next business day.
$129 SneakPeek Standard - results within 2-3 business days.


Please note some holidays affect turnaround times. The Lab does not process gender blood tests on Sundays.

 SneakPeek Snap™ is a breakthrough blood collection innovation using tiny microneedles making collecting your sample pain free. We will collect your sample while you relax. The sample is collected in 1-4 minutes. Customers find SneakPeek Snap to be completely painless.

Step 1
Schedule an appointment at our studio.  Ensure you drink plenty of water the day before your blood draw and the day of your test. Staying hydrated and ensuring you are at least 7 weeks pregnant is KEY to a successful result. 
Step 2
Have your blood collected on-site. A trained staff member will take your blood DNA sample and mail it to SneakPeek Labs for analysis.
Step 3
Wait for your results!!
ENJOY one or all of our Special DNA and Ultrasound Combo Packages:

          sneak peek gender near me            Sneak Peek SNAP kit


Package 1. Yay, I'm Pregnant Package - $30 
Gender Test and an Ultrasound
Plus the cost of your DNA blood test - $149 FastTrack next day results
($129 Standard for 2-3 business day results)
This ultrasound package is performed on the same day of your SneakPeek gender confirmation test

  • Includes: 5-10 Minute 2D Ultrasound Experience
  • 4+ black and white pictures of your itty bitty baby
  • Having these pictures makes your pregnancy feel REAL! 

 7 week ultrasound picture     7 Week ultrasound picture


Package 2.  "It's A" Gender Picture Package - $60  
Return between 12-16 weeks

Visual confirmation ultrasound session - A MUST have Keepsake picture for your baby's photo album

  • 10 min 2D Gender confirmation ultrasound
  • Watch and Listen to your Baby's Heartbeat!!
  • 2 Printed 4x6 pictures showing your baby's gender.
  • Free live internet streaming included. (just ask)
  • Add a Huggable Heartbeat Plush Animal for 10% off. $22 sm   $30 Lrg

Gender pictures


SneakPeek clients will also receive 10% off merchandise at our studio

  • Add a plush huggable heartbeat animal of your choice - $22 sm   $30 Lrg
  • 10% off a Pregnant Belly Mask Kits
  • 10% off Ultrasound Picture Frames 
  • 10% off Gender Reveal Items, if you are surprising family & friends 
  • and more

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Learn more:  

Results You Can Trust

How does your blood sample become a baby boy or baby girl test result? During pregnancy, fetal DNA is released by the placenta into mom’s bloodstream. SneakPeek tests for male chromosomes in the fetal DNA found in mom’s blood. Expectant mother’s normally have only female chromosomes, so if male chromosomes are detected in the DNA of the fetus, baby is a boy. If no male chromosomes are detected in the DNA of the fetus, baby is a girl.


  • Starting at 7 weeks into pregnancy  
  • 99.9% accurate DNA-based blood test  
  • Proven safe for both mom and baby
  • Sample collected onsite by trained staff member 
  • Results emailed straight to you in 2 days 
  • Starting at $129 (upgrade for $20 and get your results the next day




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