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Pregnant Belly Masks

Pregnant Belly Mask casting now available at our studio! 
Kits also available  Basic: $22  Deluxe: $29

pregnant keepsakes with belly masks

A wonderful momento for you to cherish!

What can I do with my Pregnant Belly Mask?

1. Embellish your mask to match your nursery
2. A centerpiece at your Baby Shower. Let your friends and family leave you a sweet note on your belly mask.
3. The perfect newborn photo shoot prop.
4. Have your cast made into a ceramic belly bowl 
5. Save the mask and show your child where they were loved for 9 months!

When we make your Belly Mask for you in our Pregnancy Parlor, your cast will be wrapped with a ribbon to hold its shape, placed into a box and ready for you to bring home.  In 24-48 hours you may then finish your belly mask.  Let your creativity soar!

What is a Belly Bowl?
Belly Bowls are ceramic bowls made using the pregnant belly as a mold. They are durable and can be used for food or decoration. They make a beautiful keepsake and excellent gifts!

Your belly mask may be made into a bowl at a ceramics facility.



belly bowlsbelly bowlsbelly bowlsbelly bowls


As an alternative to us making your cast for you, you may purchase one of our Belly Mask Kits.  Making a belly cast with a loved one in the privacy of your home is a small to medium level project that can be made in as little as 60 minutes. All you need to provide is a pair of scissors and a basin of water.
No mixing of messy materials is required and the end result is a perfect 3D memento of an expecting mom's belly, breasts, torso or all.

A pregnancy belly cast is created by applying several layers of wet plaster strips to the front of mom's body. After the strips have set, they will hold her shape and the belly cast will come away from Mommy's body and will capture how beautiful she looked during her pregnancy.


Belly casting parties are a fun way to spend time with some girlfriends and have them help you make your belly cast.  If you make a mistake, go with it and enjoy that Whoopsie every time you look at your mask.

Other moms make the belly cast with a loved one and then take their completed belly cast to their baby shower to either display it there or to have their friends help them decorate the belly cast at the shower.  Some decorating ideas to use during a shower include having each person attending write a note to mom and baby on the belly cast or mom can bring along some decorations and let the attendees use their imagination in decorating for mom.


How to make a pregnancy belly cast including your hands and arms

 You can include your hands or arms and hands in your casting. You can also include the hands of a loved one in your pregnancy belly cast. It is very easy to do. Just put the hands right on the belly, apply the lubricant over the back of the hands as you are coating the rest of the mom's casting area, and then simply cast right over the hands. Make sure the fingers are spread far enough apart so that it is easily distinguishable that it is a hand being cast into the pregnancy belly cast.


How to get a really smooth pregnancy belly cast

A tip to make a really smooth cast is to dip your fingers in water after you apply a couple of overlapping layers of the plaster casting strips and rub your fingers over the layers to mix the plaster of parris together among the layers. Work fairly quickly as the plaster strips will begin to dry within a few minutes after you begin applying the plaster strips. After your pregnancy belly cast has completely dried, (24-48 hours)  lightly sand it with the sanding screen included in our kit. If you still want an even smoother surface, apply 1-2 layers of Gesso (acrylic priming paint) and let dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

A more advanced method of making a smoother cast is to apply a thin layer of joint compound or spackle which can be found at your local home improvement store. Apply it with your fingers and as it starts to dry, smooth it out more with your fingers. Allow it to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions and then lightly sand it using our sanding screen or very fine grit sand paper. You may need to apply more than 1 layer of joint compound or spackle, allowing each layer to dry and lightly sanding in between each coat.

How to support your breasts during the casting

Since pregnancy belly casting is typically done with the mom unclothed from below the belly up, a common question we get asked is "just how can my breasts have some support while I'm doing the casting?" There are a few different ways to give your breasts some support during the casting:

1. wear a strapless bra, but the fabric and seams will show through your cast, and then cover the bra with saran wrap to protect it, then apply the lubricant on top of the saran wrap; or

2. put a layer of Glad's Press N' Seal over mom's breasts.


How to include your thighs in the casting

To have your pregnancy belly cast look right, you will need to stand up when you get down to the bottom of the belly. The best casting position is in a reclining chair.  Start the casting from the top and work your way down. When you get to the bottom of your belly, place a piece of saran wrap over your pubic area to keep the wet casting material from sticking to it. Slather the saran wrap with lubricant prior to placing it over your pubic area. You will need to hold the saran wrap in place while your helper places the first wet strip over the pubic area. Thereafter, the wet casting strips will hold the saran wrap in place.

Alternatively, you can wear a pair of panties. Try to wear a more delicate pair since the seams won't show as much. Then tuck the saran wrap into the seams to hold it in place and place our all-natural belly casting lubricant on the saran wrap.


Trimming the edges of your belly cast

Don't worry about having the edges of your pregnancy belly cast be even as you are making the cast. After your pregnancy belly cast has completely dried, you can take a pair of sharp scissors and trim the edges to make them even if you like.

Reinforcing thin areas of your belly cast

Once your belly cast has dried, take a look at it to see if there are any thin areas that need reinforcement.  If you have casting material left over, you can reinforce the cast where needed. Simply wet additional casting strips and place them on the inside of your belly cast where reinforcements are needed. DO NOT place the wet strips on the front of your cast.

Here's a tip submitted from one of our customers--they bought a body repair kit from an auto parts store.
"The kit comes w/ glass cloth and epoxy resin. We applied it to the inside of the cast and brushed a light coat of resin on the outside. Then sanded, primed and painted. The cast is so incredibly durable now!! We recommend that anyone who's cast feels flimsy due to not putting enough layers on in certain sections (as was the problem with ours) to do this easy technique."

Making the bottom of a belly bowl flat
This tip was submitted with the picture featured to the right:
"I put in a coaster over my belly button while doing the casting so that the bowl would be more stable when placed on a flat surface."

Getting a shiny finish on your finished belly cast

 Once you have smoothed your belly cast to your liking, and then decorated it if you want, you can apply one or more applications of a spray varnish or lacquer. These products are readily available at your local craft store. They are available in a high gloss and satin finish.
Basic Belly Mask Kits - $22
Deluxe Belly Mask Kits - $29