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Early Peek Ultrasounds (8-13 Weeks) Starting at $49


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All clients MUST arrive 15 minutes early for their ultrasound appointment.   If you arrive late, that time must be taken from your ultrasound appointment.  NO EXCEPTIONS!   We require this time to sanitize the studio for the next couple.


 If you just can’t wait to see your little one and hear your baby’s heartbeat, then an Early Peek Ultrasound is right for you.  In our experience, 10-12 weeks is a VERY entertaining time to peek in on your baby.  At 12 weeks, your baby has little arms and legs and can jump, wave its arms, and dance around! 

Having Twins or Triplets?  Please add $25 to any package.  Each baby will receive the same amount of time and attention.  When booking your appointment online, please click the multiples box. 

 Please note: Proof of prenatal care must be shown before we can perform an elective ultrasound in our studio. See bottom of page.


2D Prenatal Baby Gender Reveal Ultrasound Scan 2D Prenatal Baby Gender Reveal Ultrasound Scan  2D Prenatal Baby Gender Reveal Ultrasound Scan

$49 Baby's Heartbeat Package
Includes any 8" Plush Heartbeat Bear
Available between 8-39 weeks

baby heartbeat bear
    • 2D ultrasound session to watch, listen & record your baby's heartbeat.  Learn baby's heart rate

    • Your choice of any 8″ Huggable Heartbeat Bear Included

      $10% off any return visit when your baby is more developed

    • This package is not eligible for additional discounts and is not a gender determination package
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 $49 Early Peeks 2D Ultrasound Package 
Available between 8-13 weeks

10 week ultrasound

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 $69 Early Peek 3D/4D 5D HDlive Ultrasound Package
Available between 8 and 13 weeks

8 week ultrasound

    • 15 minute 2D/3D/4D ultrasound session
    • 2 or more 4 x 6 glossy printed pictures
    • Many thermal black & white printed images
    • Watch your baby swim and dance in 4D live motion and peek in on your baby in HDlive ultrasound
    • All images uploaded directly to your Free Babyflix app
    • Add a DVD movie set to lullaby music for $10
    • Add a Huggable Heartbeat Bear for $22 (small) or $30 (large)
    • $10% off any return visit to come back again when the baby is more developed for a 3D/4D & 5D HDlive ultrasound session
    • This is not a gender determination package

 pregnancy confirmation ultrasounds

  Please note: Proof of prenatal care must be shown before we can perform an elective ultrasound in our studio. ANY ONE of the examples below can be shown

1.  A dated ultrasound picture from this pregnancy
2. An appointment card from your prenatal provider
3. A short note from your prenatal provider stating that you are under their care for this pregnancy
4. Your prenatal welcome packet
5. If you use a patient portal for your treating physician, you may sign in and show us your dated HCG blood test results.

Please note: If paying by credit card on the day of your visit, a $1.50 credit card processing fee is applied. If you pay by cash, then there are no additional fees. Thank you for understanding.