Men in labor

Mom is now the labor coach

Men in Labor. 
Yes, A New Conception is gearing up for a safe and fun simulated labor for MEN!

Opening in Spring 2018

Hanover “Man-ternity Suite” ~ only at A New Conception 3D Ultrasound Studio


The Manternity Experience, What to expect…



Ever had your husband convince you he could handle the pain of childbirth, but fall to pieces when he gets the sniffles? —Erin

“It really gives you an understanding of what women go through,” ”Obviously it’s just a touch, and a small snippet, but it does create solidarity with your wife.”- John B

I love when they realize they’re only at a level 4 on the pain scale when they think they’re so much higher. Oh, boys. Never stop making us laugh; that’s why we love ya! – Jen

Honestly, I can’t get enough of seeing men trying to endure labor pains. I’m not mean, I swear. It’s mostly that I know it’s short-lived and that after they turn off the monitors, their pain is over instantly (whereas women get the fun of pushing an actual baby out and recovering!). Guys talk some big talk — until the pain stops being polite and starts getting real.

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