Gifts & Add Ons

Perfect Add Ons for your 3D Ultrasound, 4D Ultrasound or HDlive Ultrasound

Add HDlive 5D option to your package for just $10
Copy of Picture or Movie DVD   $10 
Add a DVD movie to a package   $10
Four (4) 20+ second MP4 video clips (sent right to your mobile device & easy to share)  $20
Extra Color 4×6  Printed Pictures  $5 ea or 5 for  $20
8 GB Flash Drive with lanyard $10
Huggable Heartbeat Plush with your baby’s heartbeat inside   Lg $30, Sm $22
Sibling Bears.  Sm stuffed bear that sings twinkle twinkle or says ” I love you”  $10
Mommy’s Heartbeat Bear to help soothe your baby after birth  $20

BabyFlix App ~ NOW FREE  – LIVE streaming, also comes with OnDemand movie archives. No Per Person Fees. Build a digital baby picture and video gallery and share away!

Moms  & Dads , now you  have the ability to save your baby’s digital video and photos and relive the experience anytime with our BabyFlix App.  Just think – you’re out with your friends and at your fingertips you can show them everything your baby was doing…  yawning, smiling, or pouting.  This is a service that we are happy to offer to our families!

♥ NEW: Your baby’s heartbeat or ultrasound picture engraved on MANY jewelry items!
SAVE $5.00 using Discount Code: NEWCONCEPTION
* See description below*



♥ This is something I myself enjoyed giving & receiving.  It gives the grandparents a sense of being part of the pregnancy and feeling close with the baby when they are not with you.  Let them see that face and hear their grand baby’s heartbeat whenever they wish or give them something to show off to their friends.  Includes the following, all wrapped up for that someone special!

Includes a 4×6 baby photo, DVD movie of your baby, Greeting card & Any 8″ Huggable Heartbeat Plush

♥Loved One Gift Package  ~  Just $26  Add to any package
Grandparents, Godparents, Aunts, Uncles or for any special person in your life.

Special Mommy’s Heartbeat Bears:  Soothe baby with “your” heartbeat after birth. $20



Let us take your baby’s heartbeat image and make it into a true family momento.

Heartbeat Keepsakes is a unique way to memorialize the important people in your life, whether they be young or old.   We will place the order for you and your keepsake is mailed directly to your home.




Heartbeats & Baby Peeks  $49   (Anytime during pregnancy)heartbeat sound modules

Record yours or your baby’s heartbeat and put into a 8″ Huggable Heartbeat Bear of your choice. No discounts or changes may be applied to this package

(2) printed 2D pictures
Watch, listen and get your baby’s heart rate
We do not charge a recording fee during a scheduled ultrasound
10% off any future 3D 4D Ultrasound orHDlive Ultrasound

Huggable Heartbeat Bears  8″ ~ $22        15″-19″~ $30
We are always adding new huggable animals so our selection changes weekly.  Call ahead if you are interested in a particular bear and we will set it aside.  It’s OK if you change your mind.
How to change sound module batteries

Ultrasound Picture Frames from $10

Other fun Pregnancy related items we offer


Pregnant belly mask kits: $25
Baby bump birthing balls: $40

We hope to see you and your Baby!

•If you would like to bring family, friends and children,  make sure that the facility has enough “seating” and elbow room. Standing room only isn’t very comfortable.  
•Make sure they allow you to use FREE Face time or Social Media type communication.
Make sure the ultrasound location is set up to keep children busy. Just saying you can bring them doesn’t mean that they will have their own play areas.  Don’t let a bored and cranky child ruin this tranquil time with your unborn baby, it goes by so quickly in the best of atmospheres.  
•Lastly, PARKING, PARKING LOT, ON STREET PARKING, FREE PARKING or PAID PARKING?   How far will you have to walk to get to the ultrasound studio? 

•Having an elective prenatal ultrasound should be an exciting, fun and relaxing experience.  Please make sure you will enjoy the entire experience.  This a truly a moment  in time that you cannot get back, do your homework so that  you have a happy and memorable experience that you will never forget!


A New 3D 4D Conception Ultrasound Studio ~ 1112 Washington Street ~ Hanover, Ma ~ 781-878-1230


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